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Friday, January 16, 2004
Kerry for one year....hmmmm, I can only hope, and I do that this is simply a temporary contract so that we are not looking at arbitration. If that is the case then I really admire Wood for "compromising" and making it simple on team. How many big leaguers do you think ever do that? Now lets see if the almighty Trib Co will reward honor with honor and make sure that he doesn't enter spring training without the contract that he deserves.
Looks like Pudge is going to choose the Tigers over the Cubs for the money. Now don't get me wrong I am sure that if I was looking at $40,000,000 dollars I would take it also, but Pudge is one of the guys that just makes me sick. It has always been about the money with him. And to make matters worse he got a ring last year, in my opinion by accident. I mean come on do you really think that when he signed in the off season he was thinking "Hey look at this team, they stink so bad that by early mid season they are going to fire their manager and get one that will take them all the way to the World Series. Isn't it cool that they just happen to be the team that is offering me way more money than the rest. I will finally get that ring now!"

HEECKKK NNNOOO. I think by late September Pudge suddenly realized that "hey wait a minute my winter break sure is coming slower this year, I wonder why? What do you mean what is my ring size, what do you need that for?"

Personally I am glad that the Cubs are not going to over commit to him. And mark my words right here, Pudge will be to the Tigers what Mo Vaughn is to the Mets by the half way point of the 2005 season.

Man this is a refreshing post to make. I am actually thankful that my team didn't sign someone just because they could, versus cursing my team for not signing someone when they could.
Thursday, January 15, 2004
Today the Cubs resigned their current closer for the next two years. Not only has JoeBo more than done the job the last couple of seasons, but with the addition of LeTroy Hawkins this off season the Cubs are starting to model last years Mariners bullpen which was one of their strengths.

With Shigetoshi, Kazuhiro, Nelson, Rhodes, and Soriano the M's had the luxury of knowing they had back ups for their back ups. After Kazu hurt himself moving his luggage at the hotel, they learned why this is important. It took a couple of experiments to figure out Shiggy is a perfectly capable closer is you need one. Now Dusty will also have that flexibility, and all in all this only makes our starters look that much stronger, beings they have strength coming in behind them.

Interesting quote from Scott Boras today, "I don't want to mislead Chicago Cubs fans into thinking Greg Maddux is coming to Chicago." Is this just posturing for the negotiations or does Greg really know that it is not going to happen and doesn't want to break all our hearts again.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
And, now my final posting of the night needs to be a quick shout out to the two blogs that got me inspired. If you want the real scoop on what the Mariners or the Cubs are thinking the best in the business are right here U.S.S.Mariner or The Cub Reporter

Gentleman (and David) your insight and never ending wisdom are my guiding lights, hope you won't mind all the links to your great work.
F.Y.I. I just set up this email cublovemarinerrants@yahoo.com for everyone who wants to leave a post. Just make sure you include a first name and city for me to post with it.
Apon the hiring of Bill Bavasi in Seattle, it became apparent to me that the Mariners were not interested in winning anything but the annual "best budget" award. As much as I poured my heart and soul into what I believe could be a great team, I just can't bring myself to support a management group what chooses Omar Visqual over Miguel Tejada. (And don't try and tell me they couldn't get Tejada).

Growing up a Cub fan, thanks to the wonder that is WGN, in little ol' Petersburg, Alaska I remember when Law to Sandberg to Grace was a beautiful 5-4-3 double play, Dawson power was all we needed, and we had this young guy named Maddox in our rotation (hey maybe something will still be the same).

Granted I will have to learn to embrace some new faces and learn a few more names, but hey I am rooting for a team whose ownership wants to win as bad as their players so in that sense I can't go wrong.

I am offering a invitation to any M's fans out there that are so disgruntled with Howard Lincoln and company, and want to vent it, here is the place to let it all out. Drop me an email and I will post the good ones.

In the mean time, no one can say I only root for the team that wins.

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